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Readability assessment made easy

Assess the Difficulty of your Texts with Just a Few Clicks

Upload your text files in batches or use the text editor to analyze the difficulty of your texts.
ARTE will automatically calculate the difficulty of texts using a variety of different readability formulas - both tried and tested and state-of-the-art.
The readability formulas include classic formulas like Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level, SMOG, and Dale-Chall and newer formulas like the Coh-Metrix L2 Readability Index (CML2RI),
the Crowdsourced Algorithm of Reading Comprehension (CAREC), and deep-learning-based models.
The deep-learning-based model SBERT is now available for use.
Please note that the website can go into maintenance periodically.

Learn about Different Readability Formulas

There are many different readability formulas that you can use to assess text difficulty. Learn more about how these different models function in the About Readability tab.

Find Appropriately Difficult Free Texts

We provide around 5,000 texts that have been labeled in terms of text difficulty using different readability formulas. Use our text editor to find texts that are similarly difficult to your target text.

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